FARS NOV Cement Company History


It is unclear that when the cement consumption has become popular in Iran. But what is certain is that the entry of cement in Iran was by foreigners which was used by them  to build church, embassies and port installations.  

With the start of the fourteenth century under the Hijri calendar,  the rate of expansion of infrastructure was so high that the quality and quantity  of traditional products did not met the needs of the country. The needs became more apparent particularly by the construction of railway bridges, tunnels and multiple stations.

Before 1314, Iran was the fourth importer of cement in the world. The everyday growth and development of civil works and infrastructure in this country demanded greater amount of cement entry into the country. Cement is a cheap, heavy and and vulnerable commodity that its transportation cost is very high compared to its price. Therefore, all countries started to build cement plant to meet their cement needs. Idea for a cement plant in Iran and studies on raw materials for cement production began in 1928. Then in 1931, the purchase agreement  between Iran government and Sweden government was made to buy a cement manufactory  built by FLSmidth Denmark with a capacity of 100 tons per day. The cost of the first factory of  cement in Iran was obtained by the tax on sugar supply and its price was as nuts and other agricultural products to Denmark. The finished cost of plant was fifteen million dollars.

The results of studies on mineral raw materials was selection of slide mountains near the city of Rey, seven kilometers from south of Tehran and across the " Bibi Shahrbanoo" mountains. After purchasing machinery,  construction works of first cement production line in September of 1932 began by the company " Germany TENS Company  "in this place. Substructures of the company were built " Ministry of  Ways nd finally was built in the sunny winter day (29 december, 1933) and it was officially opened as  first factory in Iran. The project manager was Mr. Ali Qoli Khan Sepahi (building engineer), who later took over the management of the company. This was the beginning of the difficult path of cement industry in Iran.


Fars and Khuzestan Cement Company

In the beginning, the idea of building a cement plant in Shiraz was introduced in 1947 by attempts of benevolent like  Mohammad Namazi, Ali Mohammad Dehghan, Mahmood Dehghan, Mahmoud Hassan  Behbahani and Jalalaldin Arian.

In 11 June 1928, production line of this factory with capacity of 200 tons per day in the amount of two million two hundred and seventy thousand dollars from  American Companies of "Westinghouse" and "Vincent Kennedy" was purchased. In 1949, with the Policy of Plan and Budget Organization in the field of supporting  the construction of cement plants in the provinces of Khorasan, Azerbaijan , Fars and Khuzestan, 49.5% of  the  shares of "Cement Company of Shiraz" was given to this organization and renamed in to " Fars Cement Stock Company". Also, Mr. "Manoochehr Salour",  administrator of  factory  of "Ray cement" as CEO of the company started his working. Finally, the first factory was opened in the city in 1955 in Shiraz  and its production of cement distributed in the market. With the increase of cement consumption, capacity of the factory first increased in 1967 to 1000 and then in 1978 to 2,500 tons per day. The plant now has near 2200 tons production per day after 50 years of market supply, and it is considered as the oldest cement factory in the country.   After Shiraz cement plant, Dorood cement factory in 1959 under the management of  Program  Organization (at that time) was utilized. In 1970, with the agreement of government and, " Council" and "Senate" parliament , this company  was transferred to the Fars Cement Stock Company to use the experiences of experts in Shiraz Cement Factory. At the same time when Dorood Cement Plant transferred to Fars Cement Stock Company, this company renamed to Fars & Khozestan Stock Company.   These changes were considered as a way to start activity of Fars and Khoozestan Cement Company in the industry area. The company now has nearly 30 companies and more than 35% of the country's cement production and provides employment conditions for tens of thousands people.

Fars and Khoozestan Cement Company is currently operated as a public company and its shares on the Stock Exchange is open to all enthusiasts. Meanwhile, Social Security Organization  is the most important shareholder of this company.

Companies with  a part of  all of their shares in the Fars and Khuzestan Cement Stock Company include:

................................................... .....................................................................

Shomal Cement Company

Neiriz White Cement Company

Gharb Cement Company

Engineering Services Company

Khash Cement Company

Fars Machinery Plaster Company

Shahrood Cement Company

Sanayee  Commercial Company

Bojnoord Cement Company

Gorgan Investment Company

Zanjan Cement Company

Firouzkouh Cement Company

Khoozestan Cement Company

Khazar Cement Company

Fars Cement Company

Ahvaz Cement Company

Dorood Cement Company

Dorrod Machinery Company

Abyek Cement Company

Nehbandan Asbestos Company

Behbahan Cement Company

Bahman Research and development Company

Farsnov Cement Company

Dorood Farsit Company

Shargh Cement Company

Mazandaran Cement Company

Sepahan Cement Company


FARS NOV Cement Company

FARS Nev Company in1990  was established with the aim of building a new 700-ton cement plant. Construction of the plant was  inaugurated on April 1996 by Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani, the  president of the Islamic Republic of Iran  on that time attended by officials of the country. By the postponement of operations due to heavy investment projects of Fars and Khuzestan Cement Company in numerous projects, cement production, further investigations were carried out. By conducting this study for greater productivity, capacity of the  plan increased to three thousand tonnes and operational construction of a cement factory began in June 2002 in Dasht Mook of Firoozabad.  Firozabad cement plant officially opened and operated in February 2004 by the Minister of Industries and Mines, Dr. Tahmasebi. The construction of this plant started  by a production line  made by latest equipment technology in the world taken from countries such as Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, France and China  with an investment close to 1,000 billion rials.

3 million tons cement plant in Firozabad by providing nearly 300 direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs have significant impact on the local economy.