A cement industry leader  by manufacturing and supplying high quality cement and various local and international markets with emphasis on the customer satisfaction, stakehaloles, and staff of society, and attention to environmental conditions.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce and supply all kinds of cement in order to meet the needs of the public and civil projects. We  use new approaches, new ideas and technologies using simple engineering factory and its products to supply the domestic market and abroad. In this way we go through the path of development in Iran.

  - Our policy is to make good profit for ourselves and all beneficieries. This will be obtained with the help of expert personnel and assets consistent with our core values.

  - We try to satisfy our customers by providing the highest quality products, reasonable price, timely delivery and variation.

  - We accept our social responsibility towards decreasing emissions, ptotect the environment, safety and health of employees. We have to increase productivity and  have an economical use of resources, especially energy resources.

  - Observing  regulations and requirements related to the cement industry  is our priority.


Central  Values

  -   Trying towards beneficieries  expectations

  -   Continuous dynamics of the quality of products and services

  -   Commitment to the creation of green industry

  -   Efforts to meet the expectations of the community

  -   Commitment to implementing the rules and requirements beyond the standards

  -   Efforts to meet the expectations of the community

  -   Adherence to ethical principles


Key Competencies

  - Quality of cement.

  - Having a systems thinking

  - Young, committed professional staffs

  - Appropriate equipment and machinery

  - The use of participatory management


The main factors of success

  -   Optimization of the production line

  -   Increasing capacity

  -   Reduced energy consumption

  -   Continuous improvement of productivity